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Helen Lincoln

19 July 2016

Executive Director for People Operations
Telephone: 03330 133118
Functional Area:

People Operations

Family Operations

Adult Operations

Salary: £149,000
Job Description: Executive Director for People Operations
Helen joined Essex County Council in July 2011 and is currently the Executive Director for People Operations.  Prior to this role, she held similar positions in Tower Hamlets and the London Borough of Merton. 
Helen is a qualified Social Worker, and holds a combined Degree (BA Hons) and CQSW from Nottingham Polytechnic.  On qualifying, she worked for ten years for Leicestershire County Council where she undertook a range of social work and managerial roles. 
Helen is passionate about effective social work practice and has contributed throughout her career to a range of initiatives, most recently contributing to the Munro Review of Child Protection. 
During her London years, she chaired and authored much of the pan London Child Protection Procedures.  She co-authored “Ten pitfalls in assessment and how to avoid them” and is currently co-authoring an article “Practice needs to be braver, Child Protection and the paradigm of risk”. 
Helen is a member of LGA Employer Standards for Social Work Working Group.
As of 1 October 2014 we have brought together Adult and Family Operations into a new People Operations function.  Adult Operations is responsible for delivering Essex County Council’s statutory duties in relation to the county’s vulnerable adults.  Helen manages a net budget of £474million across Adult Operations and Family Operations and has the following accountabilities:
  • In accordance with set specifications, plan and deliver services to meet the requirements of individuals and groups following assessment of needs.
  • Manage demand for services in the most cost efficient and effective way.
  • Be responsible for the delivery of all learning activity.
  • Promote the active participation of children, young people and their families in the development, monitoring and review of services to ensure that ECC is genuinely responsive to service user needs.
  • Lead the delivery of children & young people services to provide user-focussed, locally-based provision in the areas of early intervention, child protection and safeguarding, children in care, school improvement, learning & development, health.
  • Be responsible for the safeguarding of vulnerable service users and citizens and ensure that this is embedded in all elements of service delivery.
  • To ensure close working relationships between the delivery of services for children and young people ensuring that Public Health is fully integrated into service provision, in order to meet the Government’s agenda on public health.
  • Ensure high performance across all services and achievement of key performance indicators.
  • Escalate service and contract issues and risks, and ensure these are managed effectively.
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