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Essex vision and priorities 2013/17

21 March 2016

Essex County Council is dedicated to improving Essex and the lives of our residents. Our ambition is to deliver the best quality of life in Britain. We will achieve this by providing high-quality, targeted services that deliver real value for money. 


Our vision

We want Essex to be a county where innovation brings prosperity. We know our county faces a set of unprecedented challenges. If we are to meet these challenges we need new thinking and innovation to ensure we can use our resources in the best possible way for the people of Essex. We must harness the power of new ideas to secure a more prosperous Essex.


This is our vision for Essex 2013/17. As a county council, our most important role will be to establish the conditions for innovation and prosperity in our economy, and to lead innovation in the public services.


Throughout our work, we will build on the strengths of our county. This means harnessing the energy and passion of people across Essex who work hard for their families, build careers and businesses and shape their communities.


We must all play our part in securing a more prosperous county, one where we can flourish, live well and achieve our ambitions.


Delivering the vision 

If we are to succeed through these testing times, we must maintain a focus on our core purpose. The challenge ahead strengthens our resolve to:


  • increase educational achievement and enhance skills
  • develop and maintain the infrastructure that enables our residents to travel and our businesses to grow
  • support employment and entrepreneurship across our economy
  • improve public health and wellbeing across Essex
  • safeguard vulnerable people of all ages
  • keep our communities safe and build community resilience
  • respect Essex’s environment

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