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GovMetric feedback

What we’re doing with your GovMetric feedback

We value the feedback you provide. It helps us continue to improve the services we offer.

You’ll see that we’re introducing a number of different ways you can do this. One of these is through GovMetric, an informal survey which asks you about your experiences using our services.

How to use GovMetric

It’s quick and easy to use. Depending how you choose to contact us, you can click on the smiley faces at the bottom of our website, or at the bottom of  e-mails you receive from us. You can take part in person too – either by opting into the telephone survey if you contact our Customer Service Centre, or accessing the terminal you’ll currently find in Colchester Library.  This will be moved to other Libraries and reception points across the County.

Your response

Since our launch in June, we’ve received a terrific response from you.  Recent data suggests you rate your experiences using our services as shown in this document.

Your feedback and what we’re doing with it

It's great to see all the positive feedback you provide, for example:

You said  We did
0845 contact numbers were too expensive ECC will reduce the use of 0845 numbers from 1st November. These will be replaced with numbers charged at a local rate.
Issues you’ve experienced using the new application process for skip and scaffolding licences Introduced a simpler, paper-based application form whilst we develop a streamlined online version that will be easier and quicker for you to access
Links on the Essex Pension Fund website were broken Corrected the broken links
Phone numbers we provided for colleagues within Social Care weren’t being answered Let colleagues know so these could be updated
It would be better to include a PDF guidance within the Community Initiative Fund application form, saving customers’ time searching for it The Web Team made the changes suggested, making the form far easier to use

Positive Feedback

It’s great to see all the positive feedback you provide. Some examples are listed  below: 

“This is a fantastic way of dealing with the frustration over parking at Broomfield. Takes away the anxiety of getting to an appointment on time. I hope other towns and hospitals will take note and make the same arrangement. Well done Chelmsford!!”

“The service has been excellent, very quick, I am pleased with the result and the people I have spoken to.”
"This is really good, it helped me to find what I was looking for really quickly!"
"Your customer service department was very, very pleasant, very kind and very helpful. I've managed to book a course."
"Very happy with the service. The way it was explained was good and the person I spoke to was very polite and understanding and he repeated it when I need it repeated. Thank you."

All feedback we receive is reviewed.  Where appropriate, we share it with the Service, either to help them continue to improve their services, or to simply tell staff what a great job they’re doing.

You’ve shown you’re happy to tell us when you’ve received a great service.  If somebody has really impressed you, you might consider nominating them for a Customer Services Award in recognition of their support.