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Registering a birth

11 February 2019

All births must be registered within six weeks (42 days) of the date of birth. 

Births should be registered in the registration district where the birth occurred.   

The county of Essex does not include Southend, Thurrock or any London Boroughs. 

If you are not sure which council to contact, enter the town where the birth occurred into find your local council.

Book to register a birth

If the birth occurred in the county of Essex you can book an appointment to register the birth.   


What if your baby was born outside of Essex or in Thurrock or Southend?

If you live in Essex, but your baby was born outside of Essex, it is possible to register a birth by declaration by giving the birth details to any registrar in England or Wales. The details of your baby’s birth will be transferred to the appropriate registration office in Essex. There will be a delay in the registration process of up to 10 working days.

When you are registering by declaration, the payment for birth certificates should be made by cheque. The registrar will advise you of the name of the payee. If you wish to make an appointment to register by declaration at an office in Essex please phone 0345 603 7632. 

Babies born in Thurrock or Southend-on-Sea should be registered with that area's registrar.



How do you get a birth certificate?

A birth certificate is issued when you register the birth of your baby.

There are two types of certificate:

  • The short version shows the baby’s full names, sex, date and place of birth.

  • The full version also includes parents' details.

Full birth certificates are not only required for a passport.  They are required for most things including Passports, Education and Employment

How much does it cost?

We are experiencing technical difficulties with card payments at some registration locations.  Please be aware you may be required  to pay by cash or cheque.

Registration is free. All certificates cost £11.

Who can register a birth?

  • The mother of the baby

  • The father of the baby provided he was married to the mother at the time of the birth

  • The mother and father jointly if they were not married to each other at the time of the birth

  • The mother or father can attend alone if they were not married to each other at the time of the birth, but she/he needs to bring a statutory declaration acknowledging the child’s paternity. Copies of this form can be obtained from any registrar in England or Wales

  • The mother, if she was not married to the father, can register the birth alone and not include details of the father. If the father’s details are not entered at the time of registration this can be done at a later date or following the marriage of the father and mother

  • If the parents are unable to register please refer to the GOV.UK guide to registering a birth or contact the registration service on 0345 603 7632 so that our staff can explain the options to you.

What is the information you need to provide?

To register a birth, the registrar will ask you to confirm the following information:

  • when and where your baby was born

  • the sex of the baby

  • full name/s of the child/children and the correct spelling

  • full names of the parent/s and the correct spelling

  • addresses and occupation of parents

  • dates and places of birth of parents

  • the date of marriage and the mother’s maiden name, if the parents are married

Further information