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About us

10 March 2014

About us
In today's education world, schools and academies are increasingly driving their own improvement and effectiveness. At Essex Education Services we recognise that specialist support and dedicated tools can help you realise your ambitions.
Our principles and methodology underpin everything we do and at the heart of this methodology is working to support schools.  Our range of school effectiveness services can make the difference and help you to lead your school on a pathway of progress by improving learning, developing staff, making best use of resources, creating and using data, understanding the changing government agenda and always being prepared for what lies ahead.

Our customer base continues to grow with over 2,500 schools in the UK and in 15 countries overseas buying our range of services. They choose us because we provide them with an ethical, reliable and professional service which is informed by our international research base into school system effectiveness.
If you have any queries, questions or feedback about our services please contact our customer services team at or call 0845 200 8600.