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Who Will Care? Awards 2017 winners

24 September 2018

Winners and finalists of the Who Will Care? Awards 2017 

Business Award 

Awarded to a commercial organisation for making an impact on their community through volunteering
WINNER: Lifehouse Spa & Hotel, Frinton Road, Clacton.
As a local contemporary spa hotel, Lifehouse works with the ‘Look Good Feel Better Charity’ to offer workshops to women with Cancer. It also holds monthly tea parties with Contact the Elderly.
St Helena Hospice is their Charity of the year and they have raised over £11,500 so far and in addition they have raised £12500 for MacMillan.
Lifehouse Spa also regularly donates to local schools and groups for their fundraising efforts.
QBE Europe (Local offices in Chelmsford) - QBE encourage their staff to volunteer for local causes. Working with the local CVS they have undertaken painting at Chelmsford Women’s Refuge, donated £5000 to Chelmsford Men’s Shed as well as refurbished premises for a local pet charity.
Stansted Airport - London Stansted Airport have invested their Corporate Social Responsibility in to Education and Employment facilities and local partner schools. The purpose built Aerozone education facility is supported by volunteer speakers from across the airport community.

Voluntary Community Service Award

Awarded to a charity or community group who has made outstanding delivery to support their community and/or service users
WINNER: Brentwood Community Print
Brentwood Community Print exists to support people in recovery from mental health to gain confidence, skills and work experience in a safe and caring environment.
They created and developed a Colouring Therapy Café for clients with mental health issues. In its first year they provided placements for 22 volunteers, over 130 sessions, with 738 attendees.
Brentwood Community Print is a proactive organisation that looks strategically at how they all work together for the benefit of the community’s emotional wellbeing and mental health.
Harlow First Responders - Harlow Community First Responders are a small group of volunteers with first aid training who attend 999 calls for the ambulance service where they can help the patient and support the ambulance crews.
Good Gym Colchester  Every Wednesday a group of volunteers run to a community organisation, undertake some practical work for them and run back. Examples include Colchester Foodbank, Litter Picking, Rivercare and setting up a movie night at a care home.

Innovation Award

Awarded for demonstrating innovation in initiating and developing a service/project to support the community
WINNER: Lads Needs Dads (Location: North East Essex)
Lads Needs Dads is a long term holistic early intervention programme for boys aged 11 – 15 and takes the form of male-led group mentoring, bush craft survival, life-skill training and community volunteering to Equip and Engage young people. Parents reported that the boys emotional behaviour improved on a scale from 25% to 87% and that their attitude to school went from 25% to 80%.
Lads and Dads have a team of 10 male volunteer mentors aged from 29 to 66 from the local community. In total over 1500 hours of voluntary service has been provided to the community as a result of this project.
Bonnie Roberts Bonnie launched Chelmsford’s first Coat exchange at Chelmsford Library to help people stay warm in the winter.

Rochford Martial Arts - were nominated for the Youth Empowerment Project for young people which includes learning Kung Fu and mediation, dealing with stress and anxiety, building confidence and self-esteem and making new friends. 

Individual Young Person Volunteer Award

Awarded for demonstrating outstanding commitment within their community either independently or with a charity or community/youth/school group.
WINNER: Rebecca Fitzgerald
Rebecca volunteers every Saturday at St. Luke’s Hospice. She cleans the patient’s rooms, talks to them, collects drugs from Basildon Hospital, makes breakfasts, talks to families and makes them tea.
Rebecca also is key in talking to young people who are admitted to the Hospice, so they have someone of a similar age. She is a deeply caring young person who displays an emotional intelligence beyond her years. Rebecca’s commitment and example have proved an inspiration to other young people.
Ben Wallace Ben volunteers at least 10 hours a week to support various local groups, including shifts in the local community shop, leads Scouts groups and helps organise and run car parks for a variety of local events. 
Isabella Newsum - sabella volunteers at SNAP and Barnardo’s to support parents and children to take part in a variety of activities. 

Individual Adult Volunteer Award

Awarded for demonstrating outstanding commitment within their community either independently or through a charity/community group or through their employer.
WINNER: Maria Wilby
Maria is the main Co-ordinator for Refugee Action – Colchester. Maria has alsoand set up Brightlingsea Refugee Support Network and the Stand Up to Racism Group.
In addition to the above Maria is a voluntary English teacher for Fresh Beginnings Colchester. She has worked tirelessly to secure housing, training and support for several refugee families. Maria finds the best in everyone and encourages anyone else to help and take part.
Carol Ranson  - Carol volunteers extensively at the local Children’s Centre. She supports staff and families, offers support and empathy and spends time talking with new parents.

Martyn Barter -
Martyn has led the Singing for the Brain service for Alzheimer’s Society in Harlow, Dunmow, Stansted and Epping. He helps with all aspects of the groups including setting up, playing instruments, talking with patients and administration.

Individual Volunteer – overcoming adversity

Awarded for demonstrating outstanding commitment within their community either independently or through a charity/community group or through their employer, whilst overcoming personal adversity.
WINNER: Annabelle Day
Annabelle has overcome her own issues, coupled with mental illness to volunteer 30 hours a week for Open Road. Annabelle undertakes a full support role with clients and uses her own experience to encourage and support clients in their own recovery journey.
Annabelle really is an inspiration to others and proof that recovery is both achievable and sustainable, despite adversity.
Neil Crouch Neil has been diagnosed with a Motor Neurone disorder and has carers for himself. Despite this Neil volunteers and is Chairman of the club Mike’s Den. He has run this club for over 15 years.
Dr Ben Newman Ben offers help and advice in his specialist are of Neuro Psychology to patients at Charms. Plus he works in the centre to support the team. Ben has been unwell for many years, but puts that aside to support others.

Volunteer Team Award

Awarded to a group of two or more volunteers who have made an outstanding contribution either independently or with a charity, community group or with their employer
WINNER: SANCTUS (Location: Chelmsford)
SANCTUS is a team of 20 Volunteers running a free café for the homeless, destitute and vulnerable in Chelmsford. The café is open 7 days a week and serves up to 40 people a day.
Over the last year over 6500 meals have been served. Some volunteers collect donated clothing and blankets for homeless people. In addition they go out on the streets to provide these to those sleeping around Chelmsford City Centre.
The volunteer team at Sanctus is dedicated, passionate, good humoured and share a great team spirit to help serve others less fortunate than themselves.
Acorn Village (Manningtree) - Acorn Village Volunteer Team has a team of 75 volunteers, managing 3 charity shops, directly supporting adults with learning disabilities, providing general maintenance help as well as holding fundraising events.
Chelmsford Foodbank - 90 volunteers directly support the work of this food bank by sorting food at the warehouse and working and supervising the distribution centres and working directly with clients. The volunteer team at Chelmsford foodbank provide 9000 volunteer hours per year.

Special Award

WINNER: Gina Denham
Gina was nominated many times by service users and partners. Gina volunteers 30 hours a week to lead services, programmes and as Chair of Transpire.
Transpire supports people in the transgender community by providing advice, chaperones, peer mentoring, education, family support and a safe place and network to belong too. 
Gina is always striving to help others and to see the organisation grow and reach and support more service users.
Service users say they feel less isolated and more confident and supported to meet other transgender people and then they themselves become volunteers to help and support others.