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Community Wi-Fi guidance notes

1 August 2018

About the Community Wi-Fi Scheme

The Community Wi-Fi Scheme has been set up to enable local communities to provide a public Wi-Fi service via their community hubs with support from the Communities Initiatives Fund (CIF).

What is a ‘Community Hub’?

A Community Hub is a community facility such as a village hall, community centre, parish hall, run as a charity on a ‘not for profit’ basis, that is available to the public to use and hire in a particular area for the community-related recreational activities.  This would naturally exclude halls only available primarily for one exclusive use such as pre-schools, members clubs etc.

The scheme is aimed at but not limited to Community Hubs enabled to access superfast broadband.

Community Hubs can buy a broadband service form any supplier of their choice under this scheme that runs until February 22 2019. Initial set up costs will be supported by CIF and Community Hubs will subsequently need to pay on-going service charges.

More information about suppliers and their service charges can be found in the brochure.

Community Initiatives Fund (CIF)  

The Communities Initiatives Fund (CIF) is a small grants scheme funded by Essex County Council, designed to fund community projects. The fund helps to pay for Community Hubs pay for set-up costs of a wi-fi service as offered by the two operators under this scheme, up to £400 per Community Hub subject to availability of funding.

Application form for funding for the community wi-fi scheme.

Completed application forms should be sent to no later than Friday 22 February 2019.