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Information for Parish and Town Councils

24 July 2015

In order to support parish and town councils across Essex with their work, Essex County Council manages the Making the Links initiative. This provides town and parish councils with access to information and support.

The latest news and information about our work can be found on the monthly Making the Links newsletter.

Making the Links was originally established in November 2004 to enhance joint working between Essex County Council and the parish and town councils in Essex.  We are grateful to the Essex Association of Local Councils for their continuing support in working between our tiers.

Making the Links has been created to support local councils in working with their communities to identify and prioritise issues of importance and, most importantly, deliver the results required.
This will be achieved though:
  • effective, timely and tailored communications
  • capacity building
  • advice and support
  • single point of contact and on-demand information
  • development of innovative new working models
  • resources and match funding
  • support in establishing new councils 

Parish and town council websites

Parish and town councils who wish to provide an online service can have a free website provided for them by the EssexInfo team. EssexInfo is a partnership organisation that enables parish and town councils to get online. For more information register at EssexInfo.  


Further information and sources of guidance and support for parish and town councils can be accessed through the following organisations:


Angela Balcombe
Tel: 03330 138008