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One-to-one tuition in Essex

10 August 2015

One-to-one tuition
The One-to-one tuition initiative provides funding to schools for one-to-one tuition for pupils who are vulnerable to underachievement. These pupils receive ten hours of tuition from a qualified tutor in either English or mathematics. 

What is the impact of one-to-one tuition?

The impact of tuition is significant in terms of the increase in tutored pupils’ attainment and also in elements of their life that are harder to measure such as confidence, improved parental relationships, and a change in attitude to learning and themselves.


We have been told by numerous tutored pupils they feel their life chances are significantly improved because of the new-found confidence their tuition experience has given them.


How many pupils have been involved?

Since the national roll out in 2009, over 45,000 tuition places have been taken up by pupils in Essex schools. The intervention has become an integral part of schools' provision for the needs of individual pupils vulnerable to underachievement.


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