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Travel and Highways policies and strategies

9 August 2018

Local Transport Plan

Our third Local Transport Plan sets out what we want to achieve  in terms of transport in Essex and how local communities will have a real say in how our transport network is managed and improved.

Essex Cycling Strategy 

This document has been created in response to the government's requirement for local transport authorities to produce a cycling strategy as part of its Local Transport Plan.

Essex Highways Maintenance Strategy

Essex County Council has a statutory duty to maintain the public highway to a reasonably safe standard. In order to comply with this duty we have developed the Essex Highways Maintenance Strategy. This sets out how the highway will be maintained and how complaints and repairs will be dealt with.

Essex Parking Policy     

This document sets out the County Council’s policy regarding on-street parking for police enforcement and local authority enforcement.  

Essex Walking Strategy    

Walking is the most environmentally and socially sustainable form of transport. It is an integral part of living in towns, cities and villages.

Essex Powered Two Wheeler Strategy    

The production of a powered two wheeler strategy for Essex has been made in response to the government's white paper, A New Deal for Transport: Better for Everyone, which highlighted the contribution that powered two wheelers could make towards an integrated transport policy.

Speed Management Strategy   

This strategy is designed for use by all those involved in Speed Management to offer clear and consistent parameters for the setting of speed limits in Essex.

Traffic Management Strategy

This document contains Essex County Council’s Traffic Management Strategy for Essex roads for the next 20 years.