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Travel to school

22 January 2019

The council’s full Education Transport Policy sets out the eligibility criteria for home to school and college transport. If entitlement to transport is important to how your child will get to and from school or college, it is vital you read and understand the policy before you apply for a school or college place.
For an overview of specific information about transport entitlement to various types of schools, please see the links below.
I require information on transport to:


Your child may qualify for transport assistance if he or she has special educational needs.


Information for young people

If you are a young person and would like to know about different ways to travel, we have lots of information to help you choose a way that suits you.


Here are some options


Travelling to school

Please note: The county council only provides transport for eligible full-time pupils and students at the normal start and end times of the school/college day. Where a child is starting school and attending part time, parents are required to make their own arrangements. Eligible children may use the morning or afternoon transport service if they wish. Lunchtime transport is not provided.


When travelling to and from school it is important parents and children are aware of appropriate pupil behaviour. For children entitled to transport from the Council, please refer to our transport guidance page for answers to frequently asked questions and information about roles and responsibilities.