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Statement on apprenticeship schemes

5 August 2014

Following a news release from the British National Party and news coverage in the Essex Chronicle Newspaper, Essex County Council has responded with the following statement on its apprenticeship schemes:
A spokesperson for Essex County Council said:
“Any suggestion that Essex County Council discriminates in its apprenticeship scheme is absolute nonsense.
We are committed to driving down youth unemployment and encouraging all young people aged 16-24, irrespective of ethnicity or background, to apply for an apprenticeship.
The ‘Diversity in Apprenticeship’ (DIA) programme seeks to support not only those from black, minority or ethnic backgrounds, but also supports those from disadvantaged and vulnerable backgrounds and those with learning or physical disabilities. 72% of people supported via the DIA programme since 2009 have been white British.
The DIA is just one of the 7 programmes we run so that Essex businesses can invest in talented young people from the county and help them into jobs and careers”