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Help your child learn and play

22 December 2016

Talk, listen and cuddle are the three ingredients needed to ensure young children develop good communication and language skills. Starting from as early as when your baby is in the womb, talking, listening and cuddling your child helps:


  • their brain development
  • develop their speaking and listening skills
  • communicate their needs, making them less frustrated
  • develop their reading and writing skills
  • them make friends and be happy


“It may seem an obvious thing to say but one of the best things we can do with young children is to have interesting and enjoyable conversations with them ... as we go about our activities, whether at home or at nursery, pre-schools, playgrounds, the child-minding situation, or out and about. We should make a special effort to answer children’s questions, point out things that interest us, involve children ...”
Michael Rosen, author of We’re Going On A Bear Hunt. 

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