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11.12.17 - 12.12.17 - check to see if your school is open - information on school closures due to adverse weather. More information about school closures

11.12.17 - 12.12.17 - for updates on all major roads, including the M11, A12, A120 and A130, please go to the @highwayseast twitter feed.

11.12.17 - 12.12.17 - track the progress of our gritters on the run tonight and tomorrow morning. Track our gritters here

Emergency school closures

24 November 2016

Parents should contact their child’s school directly if they think it may be closed for any reason. 


Closures for today are listed below and will continue to update as and when notifications are received. At 6pm the list will refresh and closures for the next day will display.


School Closures for Tuesday, 12 December 2017

School NameAreaPostcodeClosure TypeClosure ReasonPartial Closure?Notes
Beckers Green Primary SchoolBraintreeCM7 3PRPlannedWeatherNoDue to adverse weather and the expected fall in temperatures that will pose a health and safety risk to parents, pupils and staff.
Church Langley Community Primary SchoolHarlowCM17 9THEmergencyWeatherNo 
Clavering Primary SchoolSaffron WaldenCB11 4PEEmergencyWeatherNoDue to the severe freezing temperatures forecast which will result in unsafe travel and site conditions
Doddinghurst Church of England (Voluntary ControllBrentwoodCM15 0NJEmergencyWeatherNoHaving recently visited the school site, which is already frozen, and surrounding areas this evening it is not safe to expect pupils, parents and staff to attempt to ge to the school, therefore we will remain closed.
Doddinghurst Infant SchoolBrentwoodCM15 0NJEmergencyWeatherNoHaving visited the school sites this evening and the surrounding area, which is already frozen it is not safe to expect staff, children and parents to attempt to get to the school; therefore we will remain closed.
Dr Walker's Church of England (Voluntary ControlleOngarCM5 0RGEmergencyWeatherNoDue to Met Office severe ice warnings the school will be closed to ensure health & safety of children and staff.
Great Leighs Primary SchoolChelmsfordCM3 1RPEmergencyWeatherNoThe school will be closed on Tuesday 12th December due to freezing temperatures overnight and the following morning, making roads and pavements leading to the school hazardous.
Hare Street Community Primary School and NurseryHarlowCM19 4BUEmergencyWeatherNoDue to Met Office severe ice warnings the school will be closed to ensure health & safety of children and staff.
Harlowbury Primary SchoolOld HarlowCM17 0DXPlannedWeatherNoAfter significant deliberation, we have decided that school will close tomorrow. Temperatures are set to drop considerably overnight and not rise above freezing all day tomorrow and the wet roads will undoubtedly freeze toni
Henham And Ugley Primary & Nursery SchoolBishops StortfordCM22 6BPEmergencyWeatherNoThe school will be closed until 10am due to below freezing forecast and icy roads putting staff and parents at risk on their journey into school. A further decision will be made in the morning if this needs to be extended to
High Beech Church of England (Voluntary ControlledLoughtonIG10 4APEmergencyWeatherNoDue to the lack of gritting on Mott Street and the icy conditions, the school will be closed for the safety of the children and the adults.
Holy Cross Catholic Primary Academy, HarlowHarlowCM18 6JJEmergencyWeatherNo 
John Bunyan Primary and Nursery SchoolBraintreeCM7 5ULPlannedWeatherNo 
John Ray Infant SchoolBraintreeCM7 1HLPlannedWeatherNodue to freezing overnight temperatures on an already dangerous site.
John Ray Junior SchoolBraintreeCM7 1HLEmergencyWeatherNoDue to adverse weather and the expected fall in temperatures that will pose a health and safety risk.
Little Waltham Church of England (Voluntary Aided)ChelmsfordCM3 3NYEmergencyWeatherNo 
Longwood Primary AcademyHarlowCM18 7RQEmergencyWeatherNoSchool closed due to treacherous, icy conditions.
Mark Hall AcademyHarlowCM17 9LREmergencyWeatherNoDue to treacherous, icy conditions, we are not prepared to have staff, students or parents take risks on the roads or around an icy site. Safety is the most important thing at this time
Messing Primary SchoolColchesterCO5 9THPlannedWeatherNoAlready treacherous site conditions and well below freezing forecast for the day will make driving on country roads potentially very dangerous for the school community.
Milldene Primary SchoolColchesterCO5 0EFEmergencyWeatherNoWith reference to the Met Office warning for the Tiptree area, Milldene Primary School will be closed on Tuesday 12th December due to predicted overnight freezing temperatures resulting in treacherous and icy conditions on lo
Moreton Church of England (Voluntary Aided) PrimarOngarCM5 0JDEmergencyWeatherNoRoads and paths around school still untreated and treacherous. In the best interests of staff, pupils and our families safety we are having to shut a second day.
Ongar Primary SchoolChipping OngarCM5 0FFEmergencyWeatherNoDue to the severe freezing temperatures forecast which will result in unsafe travel and site conditions
Rayne Primary and Nursery SchoolBraintreeCM77 6BZPlannedWeatherNoDue to more snow forecast and a met office severe ice warning.
Roding Valley High SchoolLoughtonIG10 3JAPlannedWeatherNoRoding Valley High School - Alternate Day Procedure Delayed start at 10am for students Please check website for updates given the forecast widespread ice
St Giles' Church of England Primary SchoolHalsteadCO9 2RGEmergencyWeatherNoDue to the freezing overnight temperatures and to ensure safety for all, school will be closed
St Mark's West Essex Catholic SchoolHarlowCM18 6AAEmergencyWeatherNoBurst pipes and site has become dangerous
St Peter's Church of England (Voluntary ControlledHalsteadCO9 3NREmergencyWeatherNoDue to predicted overnight freezing temperatures for the safety of our students and staff we are closing school on Tuesday 12th December
The Billericay SchoolBillericayCM12 9LHEmergencySite IssuesNoDespite the best efforts of our site staff today, the continuing snowfall and freezing weather conditions have forced us to close the school to students again tomorrow.
The Bishops' Church of England and Catholic PrimarChelmsfordCM1 6ZQEmergencyWeatherNoSchool will open at 9.45am with registration at 10.00am.
The Flitch Green AcademyDunmowCM6 3GGEmergencyWeatherNoFreezing overnight temperatures will make journeys to school for pupils, parents and staff difficult and potentially dangerous.
The Sandon SchoolChelmsfordCM2 7AQPlannedWeatherNoThe School will adopt the Adverse Weather procedures. School will open at 10:30am and finish at 2:30pm.
Thriftwood SchoolChelmsfordCM2 8RWEmergencyWeatherNo 
Trinity St Mary's Church of England (Voluntary AidChelmsfordCM3 5JXPlannedOtherNoSchool closed from 12 noon due to exceptional circumstances. A member of staff's family member's funeral is taking place in adjoining church as well as school hall.
Warley Primary SchoolBrentwoodCM14 5LFEmergencyWeatherNoSnow
White Court SchoolBraintreeCM77 7UEEmergencyWeatherNoWhite Court School will be closed on Tuesday 12th December.
William Martin Church of England (Voluntary ControHarlowCM18 6PNEmergencyWeatherNoDue to the adverse weather conditions & to ensure the safety of children, parents & Staff. William Martin Junior School will be closed also.
William Martin Church of England (Voluntary ControHarlowCM18 6PNEmergencyWeatherNoWe will be closed on Tuesday 12th December due to adverse weather conditions. This is to ensure the safety of pupils, parents and staff. Please note this will also apply to William Martin Infant School.