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Key information

15 January 2019

Number on roll

The number of pupils on roll at each school in Essex is recorded three times per year and updated figures are usually available towards the end of each term.

Here are the number of pupils in each planning group as at October 2018.

Pupil forecasts

The number of pupils that will require a place at an Essex school are forecast each year in time for the annual Department for Education ‘School Capacity Survey’.

Here are the Primary forecasts and Secondary forecasts that were submitted in July 2018.

Forecast accuracy

The accuracy of the above forecasts is closely monitored to drive improvement and understand the margin of error that must be applied when planning school places.

The forecast accuracy figures apply to the numbers forecast for October 2018 in the three preceding sets of forecast.

Cross border movement

An important aspect of pupil place planning is understanding the movement of pupils between Essex and neighbouring Local Authorities.

The cross border movement figures show the number of pupils that live in Essex but are educated outside of the County and likewise the number of pupils that are educated in Essex but live outside of the County.