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16 April 2019

10 Year Plan for School Places

Essex County Council has produced a document titled Meeting the demand for school places in Essex – 10-year plan 2019 - 2028, which outlines the growing need for school places across Essex over the next decade. Its purpose is to set out:
  • the context within which school organisation operates in Essex
  • the demand for school places over the next 10 years within each of the county’s quadrants (Mid, North East, South and West) and the local authority’s plans to meet it
  • the solutions already under consideration and in development, in order to do so in the immediate to mid-term
  • the possible options to address demand for the longer-term, as it arises in the future

This document will be updated on a yearly basis.

The Essex County Council Local and Neighbourhood Planners’ Guide to School Organisation

The Essex County Council Local and Neighbourhood Planners’ Guide to School Organisation explains how ECC’s School Organisation Team can assist in the preparation of Local and Neighbourhood Plans to ensure sufficient school places are provided, arising from new development, over the Plan period.

It also sets out how local planners need to work with the School Organisation Team so that they can meet their duty to cooperate and prepare a ‘sound’ plan.