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You are currently in: Discipline and exclusion


20 June 2016

Teachers have the power to issue your child with a detention as a sanction for poor behaviour. The times outside a school day when detentions can be given include:

  • any school day where the pupil does not have permission to be absent
  • weekends – except the weekend preceding or following the half term break
  • non-teaching days – usually referred to as ‘training days’, ‘INSET days’ or ‘non-contact days’.
Schools are not required to obtain your consent to impose a detention nor are they required to inform you of their decision to do so. If your child cannot attend, you must let the headteacher or form teacher know why. If your reason is a valid one, the school may reconsider.
For more information, see GOV.UK.
In more extreme cases schools may use fixed term or permanent exclusion.