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Spare seats

1 February 2018

The following information is for parents/guardians with children who do not qualify for home to school or college transport from Essex County Council.

Purchasing a place on a contracted service (sometimes known as a Spare Seat)

  • If there is a spare place available on a contracted vehicle serving your child’s school you may be able to purchase this directly from the transport provider. Please contact the bus or taxi company directly to enquire
  • The cost of travel is set by the transport provider. However, some bus or taxi companies do not sell spare places
  • If you're unsure who the transport provider is, please contact your child’s school for further details

Please note Essex County Council is not responsible for spare seat arrangements.  It is possible that private arrangements between parents and operators could be withdrawn at short notice. Where this is the case, the responsibility of arranging alternative transport rests with parents. We do not intervene in any situations where a spare seat is withdrawn.

Scholars' tickets on local bus services

  • The scholars' ticket is a prepaid season ticket that can be used on most Essex County Council contracted local bus services
  • To check fares or purchase a ticket call Passenger Transport scholars ticket sales on 0845 200 4134. Multiple payment methods are available
  • To ensure your child’s ticket is ready for the start of term we recommend purchasing a month in advance

Public transport

  • Public transport information is available from Traveline or by calling 0871 200 2233

Cycling to school

Walking to school