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Local wildlife sites

1 December 2015

The diverse range of habitats within Essex is reflected in the 1600 local wildlife sites (LoWS) that are spread around the county. They can support both locally and nationally threatened species and habitats and, together with the statutorily protected areas, they represent the minimum habitat we need to protect in order to maintain wildlife in Essex.

A website has been created in order to provide information about the Local Wildlife Site scheme and the importance of maintaining and managing these habitats. The sites range from woodland to saltmarshes, and support a variety of species, many of which are endangered. A leaflet is available containing information about the scheme.

The website contains a list of LoWs throughout Essex, broken down by location. It should be noted that many wildlife sites are on private land and so, unless there is a public footpath or permissive right of way in place, access is prohibited.

The website also features information for anyone interested in having an area of land declared a Local Wildlife Site. The criteria for acceptance are clearly stated.