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Wildlife and biodiversity

13 May 2019

Wildlife and biodiversity issues relate to the variety of plants and animals that exist within the Essex County Council area. Essex contains several valuable and rare habitats, from coastal saltmarshes and mudflats to ancient woodlands, trees and wetlands.
Essex County Council has a duty to ensure that these environments are managed and maintained, where it owns them or carries out activities that may affect them. It aims to ensure that the diverse array of plant and animal life across the county is protected, managed and recorded so that future generations will be able to enjoy them.
Essex County Council employs ecologists and works with a range of partners and experts in order to ensure that the county meets its statutory obligations and that decisions across a wide range of areas are informed by wildlife and biodiversity issues.
Essex County Council is involved in several schemes and initiatives designed to protect and enhance the biodiversity of Essex. The following projects and initiatives target specific subjects and issues relating to wildlife and biodiversity.

Biodiversity checklist

This checklist offers guidance on how to submit the appropriate level of information about biodiversity when making a planning application. You may also be interested in our FAQs.

Local wildlife sites

The Essex local wildlife sites website provides information and advice for the 1600 local wildlife sites (LoWS) within the county. Working in partnership with Essex Wildlife Trust and a range of organisations, the LoWS project identifies and surveys sites, provides advice on available grants and assists in carrying out essential works on these vital ecological resources.

Country parks

Essex County Council’s Wildlife and Biodiversity team work closely with the council owned Country Parks to ensure that the parks maintain and manage a diverse number of habitats within their borders and encourage native species to thrive.

Place Services

Place Services provides integrated environmental assessment, planning, design and management services. The team helps organisations meet the requirements of the planning process, create practical design solutions and deliver environmental stewardship.

Special verges initiative

Special verges provide an invaluable habitat for wild flowers and other native species across the county. Essex County Council works with a range of partners to maintain and improve these important resources.