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Request information
We now provide an information request service and can produce basic and detailed reports based on the data we have available for locations across Essex.
The following outlines are the sort of enquiries that we can process:

Basic Report- Information request for data held by LLFA

The response will provide a report which provides answers to the following questions:
  • Is the site shown to be at risk on the updated Flood Maps for Surface Water?
  • Is there a Surface Water Management Plan (SWMP) for the area?
  • Is it within a Critical Drainage Area (CDA)?
  • Recorded property flood incidents?
  • Recorded highway flood incidents?
  • Are there any flood investigations with x mile radius?
  • Any assets?
  • Any watercourses?
  • Any designated assets?

Detailed Report - Information request for data held by LLFA and detailed advice

This Includes the information above plus data about timing and consequence of reported incidents and information we have on the rainfall and flooding events e.g. date/time/intensity/location. We also provide engineer judgement/experience and additional commentary throughout the resulting report and conclusions.
To request information and for more details on prices, please download the application form and guidance notes from the related links on this page. We will reply to your information request within 28 days.