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Flood and water management documents

A number of flood and water management documents have been produced to help us address local flood risk in Essex.  

Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment

The creation of the Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment (PFRA) is a requirement under the Flood Risk Regulations. The PFRA is a high level, county-wide analysis which considers past flooding and possible future flooding from the following local flood sources:

  • surface water runoff
  • groundwater
  • ordinary watercourses
  • flooding from canals and small impounded reservoirs 


Flood hazard maps and flood risk maps  

These are scheduled for completion in 2013 and 2015, respectively.     


Flood hazard maps
These seek to identify flood risk areas and show the likely extent, direction and speed of flow and the probability of each possible flood occurring.     


Flood risk maps
These show the relation of each flood risk in terms of human health, economic and industrial activity and the environment.    


Flood risk asset management  

Under the Flood and Water Management Act, the county council has a duty to maintain a register of structures or features which are likely to have a significant effect on flood risk.    

Local Flood Risk Management strategy for Essex 

Our Local Flood Risk Management strategy outlines our approach to managing flood risk from surface and groundwater flooding, as well as flooding from ordinary watercourses.
Supporting documents

Surface water management

A surface water management plan (SWMP) outlines the preferred surface water management strategy in a given location. Surface water flooding describes flooding from sewers, drains, groundwater, and runoff from land, small water courses and ditches that occurs as a result of heavy rainfall.
A SWMP will establish a long-term action plan to manage surface water in an area and should influence future capital investment, drainage maintenance, public engagement and understanding, land-use planning, emergency planning and future developments.
A SWMP contributes to fulfilling the requirements of the Water Framework Directive and helps meets the requirements of the Flood Risk Regulations.

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