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Ditches, pipes and trash screens

Find out if you're you a Riparian owner?

If the trash screen, ditch or broken pipe is next to or on your property you will be responsible to clearing/repairing the ordinary watercourse. The picture below will help you to decide if you are a riparian landowner.
riparian diagram

Click the image for a larger version.
Sometimes pipe entrances have trash screens in front of them the stop large bits of rubbish, branches and other floating material entering them and causing blockages. The responsibility for maintaining them will sit with the person who also has responsibility for the section of watercourse entering the pipe. In some cases this might mean that there is a shared responsibility.
Essex County Council have put together a guide on ordinary watercourse maintenance, to help you fulfil your riparian responsibilities. If you fail to follow your riparian responsibilities you may be subject to enforcement action.
If you believe the trash screen, ditch or broken pipe is not next to or on your property you can report the issue here.