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County Planning team

11 March 2019

The County Planning team deals with minerals and waste-related development and planning issues.

The team is responsible for:

  • Determining planning applications for minerals and waste sites
  • Determining planning applications under Regulation 3 of the Town and Country Regulations 1992 - applications for development being carried out by or on behalf of ECC and/or for development on land which ECC owns or has a significant interest in
  • Policy development of the Minerals and Waste Development Plan Documents

Other planning applications, such as those for householders and businesses, are dealt with by the local district or borough council.


The work of the County Planning team covers two areas: 

Development Management (Planning applications)

Essex County Council is responsible for determining planning applications for mineral extraction and associated development - such as quarries, mineral wharves, rail heads and sand and gravel processing plants - and waste proposals including landfill sites, waste transfer/recycling sites and scrap yards. In addition the County Council deals with applications for its own development including new schools, school extensions, road development (where the council is the highways authority), as well as development for other council responsibilities – such as libraries and country parks.
All information relating to Development Management and planning applications including pre-application advice, application forms and guidance documentation, site monitoring and enforcement can be found here.

Planning Policy

The Planning Policy team is responsible for preparing policies which are used to guide decisions about planning applications.
Legislation requires County Council’s to produce policies covering minerals and waste land use planning matters. These policies are then used by Essex County Council to inform planning decisions. The policy team is required to carry out various levels of community engagement on such policies, which are included in the Minerals Local Plan, the Joint Waste Local Plan and Supplementary Planning Documents.  All information relating to these documents, and documents such as the Statement of Community Involvement, the Authority Monitoring Report and Policy Planning more generally can be found here.

County Planning Privacy Notice

Information collected
·         Name
·         Address
·         Email
·         Telephone number
·         The contents of planning applications and representations received
Why we collect this information
This is a statutory requirement to determine planning applications, draft planning policy documents and accept representations to consultations, as well as provide for continuous service improvement. 
Who we will share this information with
Information submitted to the County Planning team will be handled and made publically available in accordance with national legislation/guidance including Data Protection legislation.


For further information click here.

We will make every effort to remove personal details including telephone numbers, email addresses and signatures prior to being uploaded to this website. Please note we cannot accept anonymous or private / confidential comments.

How long we will keep this information
We keep this information for the statutory specified time.
How we keep this information secure
Please see the privacy notice page for more information.

How you can access information we hold about you
Please view Essex County Council’s Subject Access webpage for full details:
How you can request the redaction of information you have submitted
If you have submitted a planning application, a proposed site or a response to a minerals and waste planning consultation and have included personal / sensitive information that you would prefer not to be made publically available then please complete this Redaction Request Form.
We require a justifiable reason as to why the information in question should remain unpublished and the final decision remains with the minerals and waste planning case officer.