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Site monitoring

15 May 2019

Essex County Council County Planning officers carry out regular site monitoring visits to mineral extraction sites and waste landfill sites. The visits are to check that:
·       Sites are complying with the terms of their planning permission as laid out in the conditions of the permission
·       The sites are progressing as permitted such that completion and restoration is being undertaken in a timely manner
The frequency of monitoring visits is determined by the complexity of the operations on different sites. Sites will be visited up to four times per year, and all sites are monitored at least once a year. In situations where there are issues of non-compliance with the planning permission, these will be brought to the attention of the operator and a resolution sought. Where necessary the number of site monitoring visits may be increased to ensure compliance. If non-compliance continues then enforcement action may be instigated.
If you are concerned that a site is not meeting the conditions of planning permission or have ongoing concerns regarding a particular site please visit our Enforcement page for more information.
Records of site monitoring visits are arranged by the relevant district for ease of access: