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Planning policy

24 May 2019

Minerals Local Plan


Waste Local Plan

Minerals and Waste Development Scheme

Statement of Community Involvement Minerals and Waste Development Framework Authority Monitoring Report


The County Planning Policy team at Essex County Council is responsible for creating, reviewing and updating the documents that underpin planning policy as it relates to minerals and waste. They work closely with the planning application team to ensure that changes in legislation are communicated to the people that make planning decisions on behalf of the county.


The Essex Minerals Local Plan 2014 and the Essex & Southend Waste Local Plan 2017 currently provide the local planning policies which govern minerals and waste development in Essex.  Both documents form part of the statutory ‘Development Plan’ and should be read in conjunction with the relevant District or Borough Local Plan or Development Plan Document(s) when development is considered.

A compatibility exercise was carried out in September 2018 to confirm that the policies of both plans remain up to date and consistent with the National Planning Policy Framework.

To see how we monitor current minerals and waste planning policies, please see the Authority Monitoring Reports.

Information about the document production process can be found on the Minerals and Waste Development Framework. Pages and details about how we engage public and businesses in Essex are available in the Statement of Community Involvement.