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Statement of Community Involvement

23 July 2018

The Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) sets out the ways in which the Essex community can get involved in both the planning application process and key stages in the preparation of the Minerals Local Plan and Replacement Waste Local Plan within Essex.
The Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) – Update 2015 was adopted by Essex County Council’s Cabinet on 22 September 2015. This document takes into account further updates to planning legislation as well as developments in ECC’s Communication Strategy and internal procedures. This revision has also been expanded to include additional information on the Duty to Co-operate, Supplementary Planning Documents and the Sustainability Appraisal.
The adopted 2015 SCI has now been updated to reflect changes in planning regulations. These amendments ensure the statement complies with planning law for future consultations on policy plans and planning applications. We have also updated the names of our internal systems, which have changed since the document was adopted. Please see the Cabinet Member Action document below for a full list of amendments.
Statement of Community Involvement Adoption Documents
If you have any queries, please contact our helpline on 03330 139 808 during office hours or email