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Environmental impact assessment

10 November 2015

The procedure for carrying out an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) requires the developer to compile an Environmental Statement which describes the likely significant effect of the development on the environment and includes proposed mitigation measures. The Environmental Statement is then circulated to statutory consultation bodies and made available to the public for comment. Its contents, together with any comments, must be taken into account by the local planning authority before planning consent is given.

The complex legislation and rules governing the application of EIAs to developments provides a challenge to all those involved in planning. Developers should contact the Minerals and Waste Planning team during the pre-application process to determine whether their development requires an EIA.

The Essex Planning Officers’ Association produces the Essex Guide to Environmental Impact Assessment. This guide is a comprehensive publication which will be of use to local authorities, planning consultants, developers, environmental consultees, non-governmental organisations, students, researchers and members of the public with an interest in environmental assessment.

The latest edition (Spring 2007) includes:

  • Legislation and procedures
  • Advice on environmental topics
  • Useful contacts
  • Tips on content and presentation of environmental statements
  • Good practice advice
  • Bibliography


This guide can be downloaded from the website for free.