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Essex Young Carers
PO Box 47
C326 County Hall
Essex, CM2 6WN


1 May 2018

Your assessment will look at the things you do and how they affect your development. Children’s Services can provide help with benefits and services for you and your family and make sure that your development is not affected by being a young carer. 

As a young carer you have the right to

  • an assessment to find out what help and support you need
  • be recognised and treated separately from the person you care for
  • make choices about the amount of care you give
  • practical help and support with caring
  • advice about what to do and who to contact in an emergency
  • some information about the illness and any side-effects of the medication.
Carers of all ages have a legal right to have a personal assessment at the same time as the person they care for.   

If you are over 16 

If you are a young carer aged 16 or over, you have the right to have your own assessment, whether the person you care for is being assessed or not.

If you are under 16 

If you are a young carer aged under 16 your assessment is carried out under a law called the ‘Children’s Act, 1989’. You are then described as a ‘child in need’ and your assessment is carried out by someone from the Children’s Services team.  

Benefits and services 

Benefits and services for yourself, the person you care for or your family, are available after you have had an assessment.
A number of different people can carry out assessments. These include personal advisers from Connexions, education welfare officers, social workers, benefit advice workers and nurses.  

It is your right to

  • take a break and enjoy leisure time
  • have an education
  • be heard, listened to and believed
  • be protected from physical and psychological harm
  • have privacy and respect
  • information and advice
  • health and social care
  • be consulted and fully involved in discussions which affect your life.