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Reviewing care plans

1 May 2018

A care plan review is a meeting of the people who are involved in looking after you. At the meeting, everyone talks about

  • the support that is there for you
  • how they feel things are going
  • whether any changes are needed to the care you receive.


Your care plan will reviewed for the length of time you are looked after. The timescale of the reviews can be found here.


Your review will be chaired by an Independent Reviewing Officer.  With this person you can

  • talk about your views and wishes concerning how you are being looked after
  • talk about what plans are being made for your future care
  • have the time to write to them or meet separately with them as part of your review.


All of this helps to ensure you have time to say what you think and what is important for you.
After your review meeting you will be sent a copy of the independent reviewing officer's decisions and recommendations relating to your care plan.

For more information about the role of your Independent Reviewing Officer please see the 'Independent reviewing officers guidance: Adoption and Children Act 2002'.

You can attend the review if you want to, and can bring a supporter or advocate. Other people who can attend include

  • your parents or guardians
  • your social worker
  • the people who are looking after you.


Sometimes other important people, such as your doctor or teacher, may be consulted about your progress and development as part of the review process. They do not usually need to be present at your review meeting because they can provide written contributions. We try to make sure your review meeting is small and informal so it is easier for you to feel comfortable about being there.
Reviews are held at a time and a place to make it easy for you to come.