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Shortbreaks for disabled children

24 July 2017


Shortbreaks for disabled children


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Short Breaks have been created because it is recognised that there is an impact on everyday life if a child has a disability. This impact is as individual as each child and their family is unique.
Short Breaks are important to families who have a child with a disability. The challenges and complications which accompany a child with disabilities can be very wearing. Day-to-day activities can be much more complicated and tiring.
Short breaks give the family members, parents/carers, and indeed siblings a chance to have a break from their caring responsibilities or enable the whole family to take a break from their everyday routine and do something together.

Who are Shortbreaks for?

Short Breaks are for all children and young people with a confirmed diagnosis, who are aged between 0 and 18 or 19 to 25 and in receipt of a personal budget. The support is for the individual child or young person and their family who live within the administrative boundaries of Essex County Council.

What is on offer?

  • Clubs and activities (including evening, weekend, after school and school holidays)
  • One to one signing support 
  • Individual Support (hours of care)
  • Community activities including
  • Adapted and un-adapted caravans
  • Beach huts
  • Days out
  • All terrain wheelchairs
  • Adapted bikes and trikes
  • Swimming pool and trampoline hoist
  • Inclusive park equipment
Our aim is to ensure that disabled children, young people and their families have the support they need to grow, develop and participate in their community.  We recognise that every child and young person is different, so they will need different levels of support and different types of short breaks. 
Some families may need more support because of their family circumstances and this can fluctuate as an individual child or young person’s needs change
In Essex we are committed to make available a varied choice of short breaks available that stimulate, support and actively engage each child or young person as well as providing parents or other carers an opportunity to have a break away from their normal caring routine or enable them to spend time with siblings
In 2015 we have undertaken a comprehensive review of all support services and interventions available in the community for children and young people with a disability provided through the short breaks programme. Information gathered has been used to reshape the offer to provide easier access and more choice. 
This review has led to some changes in the providers for packages of care and support and also the appointment of a Lead Provider/one point contact for clubs and activities.
Community based activities and days out continue to be expanded and developed allowing families the choice of a break together as a family. 
Further details on everything that is available can be found on these web pages and in more detail in the new Short Breaks brochure.

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