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Report misuse

11 October 2018

Your Blue Badge is the property of Essex County Council.

Misuse of a Blue Badge by you or another person is a criminal offence, which can carry a fine of up to £1,000.

Important things to remember:

  • You must be a passenger or driver of the vehicle at all times when a Blue Badge is displayed

  • You can’t use your badge if you remain in the vehicle while an able bodied passenger leaves the vehicle

  • You mustn’t let anyone else use your badge including carers carrying out business on your behalf

  • You can’t use your badge when it is out of date, or when the information on it is wrong or faded

  • You can’t allow anyone else to reproduce your badge

If you believe a badge is being misused you should email

Please include the following information, wherever possible, in your email:

  • The Blue Badge number

  • Name of the person the Blue Badge was issued to

  • Vehicle registration of the vehicle using the Blue Badge

  • Vehicle make and model

  • Circumstances of suspected misuse

  • Date suspected misuse took place

  • Your name and contact telephone number – although you can remain anonymous