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Paying for care and support

21 June 2018

Do I need to pay for my care?

Most people have to pay something towards their care and support.

We will work out how much you will be asked to pay by carrying out a financial assessment which looks at your income and assets.

Estimate your care costs

If you’re planning ahead, you can estimate your care costs with our paying for care calculator.

The value of your home

We won’t include the value of your home in the financial assessment if you have care at home, also called domiciliary and non-residential care. We will include the value of additional properties you own.

We will normally include the value of your home if you permanently move to a care home. See paying for a care home.

Am I eligible for financial support?

If your income and assets are:

  • Less than £23,250, you will be eligible for means-tested support to help pay for your care
  • More than £23,250, you will have to pay the full cost of your care

We recommend you seek independent financial advice if you have to fund your own care.

Care and support you don’t have to pay for

Some care and support is free, including:

  • Short term (up to 6 weeks) support and rehabilitation for people who have been in hospital. This is also called intermediate care and reablement
  • Aids and minor adaptations costing £1,000 or less - Living Well Essex has information on aids and adaptations
  • Support services offered to carers - for more information contact Carers First