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Care at home: charges

1 April 2019

We charge the following rates for care and support services at home, sometimes called non-residential or domiciliary care.

2019/20 charges

Type of service Frequency
Home Support Services (normal hours) one-to-one
Day Care
Per session£10.96
Day Care with transport
Per session£12.46
Community Support Services group sessionPer session£10.96
Community Support Services group session with transport   Per session£12.46
Night waking Hourly£16.28
Night sleeping
24-hour care 
Maximum weekly chargePer week£1,687.00

Your charges will start from the first day of your care.

If this is before your financial assessment is complete, you might be invoiced for the full cost of your care. We will adjust your invoice once the financial assessment is complete.

You won't be charged for care if you go into hospital as you will not be receiving care and support at home.

How care charges work

Your 'assessed contribution' is the amount we calculate you can afford to pay based on your financial assessment.

You will never be asked to pay more than your assessed contribution or more than the cost of your care if this is less than your assessed contribution.

Example: assessed contribution is less than care costs

Mrs. R receives one hour of home support services per week, costing £17.04. She also attends a day-care centre once a week, with transport, costing £12.46.

  • The total cost for her care is £29.50
  • Her assessed contribution is £15
  • Mrs. R pays the lower contribution of £15 per week

Example: assessed contribution is more than care costs

Mr. B receives 2 hours of home support services per week, costing £34.08. He also attends a community support group session once a week, costing £10.96

  • The total cost for his care is £45.04
  • His assessed contribution is £125.25
  • Mr. B pays the lower contribution of £45.04 per week

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