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  Reserve, renew or return items

23 April 2014


You can reserve items available from Essex Libraries through the online library catalogue. The item will be delivered to the library of your choice. If it's not available through any Essex library you can use the Essex Libraries interlending form
All reservations made through the libraries online catalogue are free of charge. The following, however, are subject to charges:
  • Requests made through library staff (excluding items obtained from the British Library) - £1
  • Requests using the interlending form - £1
  • Items obtained from the British Library (books and articles, per item) - £3
Exemptions: children, young adults, Home Library service customers and people with Access library cards.
To check reservations you currently have, go to the library catalogue and follow the link for "My Account/Renewals."  You will need your library card number and PIN code. 

Suggesting stock

We try to make sure our stock reflects the needs of the people we serve, but if you find there’s a topic or genre of book we haven’t covered then please let us know.
Although we can’t guarantee to provide it (some material may be too expensive, or not available to public libraries) we do value your feedback and every suggestion will receive serious consideration.
Please give us as much information as you can, using the online form. You might find it useful to have a look at our stock policy first.  


When you borrow an item, you will be given a date by which it must be either returned or renewed. By this date you can either:
  • return the book to a library
  • renew the book
All books can be returned to any library in Essex, including mobile libraries.


  • At a library - if you have your library card you don’t need to bring the item with you.
  • Online – you can renew items online using the online library catalogue. Login using your library card number and follow the instructions.
  • Over the phone - call 0845 603 7628 to renew your items. You will need to provide your library card number or the barcode from your items. 


You can renew an item up to seven times. After this it must be returned to a library, though we might be able to reissue if it has not been reserved by someone else.
If an item has been reserved by another library member, you will not be able to renew it and will be required to return it.
Renewing a CD or DVD will create a further hire charge.

Overdue items

Items not returned by their due date incur overdue charges. These must be paid in full before you can borrow any more items.