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Canvey residents - have your say on flooding

20 September 2016

Canvey residents have a chance to help make sure that the island is as well prepared for flooding as possible. 

Essex County Council is asking people in Canvey to take part on the Canvey Flood Survey 2016 and let them know how flooding affects them and what information and help they need in the event of a flood.

Although heavy rainfall at the end of last week did not result in any major issues for Canvey it is important that we learn as much as possible about people’s past experiences to ensure that we are best prepared for any future flood events. The survey asks residents about their experience so the team can be as well prepared as possible for future flooding. 

Canvey Island falls within an area nationally recognised at high risk of flooding, along with other sites across South Essex. Heavy downpours can overwhelm drainage systems in any location, although the complex system and topography on Canvey Island mean that water can take longer to drain away.

Essex County Council’s Flood Authority works closely with partners, including Castle Point District Council, as work takes place to keep the island, and all the people living there, as safe as possible from flooding.

The survey asks residents how much they know about the risk of flooding, what information they would like to get and how they want to receive that information.

Councillor Simon Walsh, Cabinet Member for Environment and Waste said: “This survey has been created to help us better understand the Canvey community’s knowledge and experience of flooding and to tell us how they feel about the work we have done to date and learn how effective our communication with Canvey residents has been.

“We want to hear from as many Canvey residents as possible to help us better understand what information they want to receive and how they want to get that information.

“We want to work closely with communities to make sure they are as well prepared for flooding as possible. This survey will help us do that so we want to make sure as many people take part as possible.”

People living in Canvey can take part in the survey by clicking here