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Road works at Ipswich road south to be extended

12 March 2019

Ipswich Road (south) Colchester is to remain closed for a further week as water main work hits problems

Work to connect the diverted water main across Ipswich Road (south) is likely to continue for another week after contractors have had to dig again to make connections.

The existing water main was not where it was believed to be, so the contractors for Anglian Water have had to fill in the trenching they have dug and re-dig to find where the connecting 'T Piece' is buried. The only options were to suspend work and then have to come back later in the year with a two-week closure, or extend for a week now and finish the job.

Suspend and return might have delayed other utility pipes and cables diversions, so the decision is taken to extend the current closure.

An Essex Highways Spokesperson said: "We apologise to everyone who needs to use these roads, but finding, excavating and diverting long-buried pipes is not an exact science. The contractors have acted efficiently throughout, and this problem was beyond their control, being misled by a redundant pipe.

“The shortest delay and inconvenience is the option to press on and finish now with an extended closure, so, with regret that is what has been agreed, subject to grant of a Permit for the works."