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Essex roads improving after flood-hit June

14 July 2016

The number of potholes on main roads in Essex is down by 23 per cent in just three weeks as more crews are employed to tackle the issue.

Unseasonably wet weather saw highways crews diverted to help alleviate flooding issues across the county last month (June).

But thanks to additional crews funded by the Government’s ‘Pothole Action Fund’, the number of defects on priority routes in the county fell from 681 on 13 June to 527 on 4 July.

Councillor Eddie Johnson, Essex County Council Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport said: “This is very good news after a very wet spring and summer so far, with heavy rain and some serious flooding.“I make no apology for our crews being diverted to flood work; for safety reasons that issue had to be the priority.

“Using the extra money from the Government’s Pothole Action Fund, we now have six more crews working on fixing surface defects and results in recent weeks speak for themselves. I look forward now to these extra crews fixing more potholes across our local roads too.”

He added: “As well as the repair work, we have other crews working flat-out to surface roads across the county which have significantly deteriorated, using the latest machines to surface-dress some 550 miles of road.

“By surfacing roads that are deteriorating, rather than returning to fix individual potholes, we can ensure taxpayers’ money is spent more efficiently to keep Essex roads up to the highest possible standard.”

Essex County Council is investing £66 million, £16 million more than last year, in road improvements over the coming year.
Despite efforts to tackle recent flooding, more potholes were fixed this quarter (April to June 2016) with 292 repairs on our busiest Priority 1 roads, than last quarter (January to March 2016) at 277.