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Extra pothole funding focuses on local concerns

9 October 2018

Earlier this year Essex County Council provided additional funding to tackle the scourge of potholes, following the harsh winter of 2017/18.

As a result, County Members are now working with their local parishes and districts to identify the 20 worst road potholes that most concern local communities across Essex. These lists will then be passed to Essex Highways to action over the next few months. On top of the repair work already scheduled, this means we will deal with an additional 1500 potholes, weather permitting.

Where possible, defects will be grouped to ensure they are repaired together, saving time and money. Essex Highways have also been trialling various additional repair tools and techniques and, where suitable, they will be used to deliver speedy, permanent repairs as part of this extensive programme. Additional gangs are already mobilised and work will commence as soon as the first areas are identified.

Councillor Kevin Bentley, Essex County Council’s Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Infrastructure, said: “I want to make sure that the extra money we’re putting in to pothole repairs is used to maximum effect in each area. Not just what engineers think is the safety priority, but the ones that really frustrate people locally.

"That’s why I am asking all Essex County Councillors to consult quickly with other local councils and give us their list of local priority potholes. We’ll fix them over the next few months with the extra resources we have allocated and, in some cases, with new types of machines, to eliminate the worst problems and help everyone use our roads more safely and smoothly.”