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Extra work gangs to speed up A133 Ipswich Road Improvements

9 November 2018

Plans are being put into place to accelerate essential work on improving the A133 Ipswich/Harwich Road roundabouts.

The work, which is complex and involves an initial several months of work underground by both BT and the Water Company to move utility pipework and cabling, was due to last for 15 months from it’s October commencement.

However, given the levels of traffic congestion and disruption, the County Council, with partners Essex Highways and contractors Eurovia, will seek to speed up the work by increasing work gangs once the ‘overground’ roundabout and road widening works begins in the New Year.

The site is complex, with several different contractors, including those from BT and utilities, working underground and on different parts of the site at different times, which is why people may not have seen workers on site as they have driven past. This complex picture is completed by piling work to strengthen the wall at Waitrose and adjacent to the railway line.

Cllr Kevin Bentley, Deputy Leader of Essex County Council and Cabinet Member for Infrastructure, said: “We apologise for the delay and disruption to businesses, motorists and residents, but this work really is essential. Without it, we run the risk of gridlock in a few years’ time, with dire impacts for the local economy.

“This is complex work, with much of the current work going on underground as utilities and BT excavate, remove and divert cables and pipes. There are actually two large underground service chambers beneath the surface, where this work is going on.

“Once all this preliminary work is complete in the New Year, we can begin work on the new roundabouts and road layout. It is at this stage when we believe we can speed things up.

“We will also keep residents, business and motorists in touch with how the work is progressing through regular newsletters, website updates at and social media.

“Colchester is an old town with an old road network and with work this scale, delays are inevitable. But we will do all we can to speed things up once the initial work is complete, so that we can ensure the road layout at this important junction is fit for the future.”