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Heybridge flooding hotspot scheme completed

14 June 2016

A community whose houses were repeatedly flooded can breathe a sigh of relief as work has been completed on a scheme that should make their homes more resilient against heavy rain in the future.


The new £493,000 flood alleviation scheme should help 20 homes in the Wagtail Drive/Coppers Avenue area of Heybridge, which were prone to flooding after heavy rain.


The scheme included the creation of two new water storage areas to hold floodwater from heavy storms and take the pressure off existing ditch that was unable to cope with heavy rain.


Essex County Councillor, Mick Page, Chairman of the Flooding Partnership said: “I hope that this scheme will give residents peace of mind whenever it rains heavily, that their homes are more resilient against flooding.  Flood alleviation schemes such as this one are an essential investment in helping Essex residents to feel more secure and safe in their homes.”


Councillor Miriam Lewis, Leader of Maldon District Council, added: “I am delighted our partnership working has proved to be effective and together we have managed to fund the delivery of a flood alleviation scheme to better protect the residents of the Wagtail Drive area of Heybridge in times of excessive rainfall.”
Essex County Council contributed £359,000 to the scheme,  Maldon District Council gave £100,000 and a further £34,000 came from the Environment Agency.


There are steps individuals can take to reduce the risk of flooding in their homes. Quite often, simple things such as ditch clearance, avoiding littering or putting things down drains and gullies or weed removal to keep drainage systems clear can have a big impact.


Householders can protect their own homes from flooding with flood doors, barriers and air brick covers. Find out more at


For more information about how to report flooding issues in Essex or to find out more about the threat of flooding please visit and don’t forget to watch the bitesize animation film, which explains about the cause and effect of local flooding.