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Committees and decision making

25 September 2012

Decisions at Essex County Council are taken by elected councillors, often following discussion within committees. The councillors work within a legislative framework which ensures that all members of the community are considered when making decisions, that decisions are made openly and accountably, and that councillors maintain the highest ethical standards, ensuring their expenses and interests are a matter of public record.
Under its constitution the council is obliged to publish and keep an up-to-date forward plan of key decisions.  A key decision needs to have been listed on the forward plan for at least 28 clear days before it is made.

Notice is also given on the forward plan of decisions to hold meetings of cabinet in private including a statement of the reasons.

When a key decision is taken by a cabinet member it is published and implemented after three clear working days, unless subject to the council’s call-in procedure.

Notice of all other decisions (non-key decisions) taken by cabinet members may, but do not have to, appear on the forward plan but must also be published when taken and following publication implemented after three clear working days, unless subject to the council's call-in procedure.

You can find published decisions and more information about meetings and your elected representatives by visiting  our  committee management information system.

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