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Attending scrutiny

9 April 2014

Members of the public are welcome to attend any public meeting of a scrutiny committee or task and finish group. Public meetings are listed on the meeting calendar. If you plan to attend, here is a guide about what to expect.


Recording of meetings

We generally allow meetings to be recorded, although this is subject to the chairman of the committee's discretion. Please ask the chairman before the start of the meeting if video or audio recording is permitted at the meeting you wish to attend. Tweeting and other social media is also permitted. Flash photography is not allowed because it can be disruptive to meetings.


Participating in meetings

Scrutiny regularly asks organisations or individuals to give evidence at meetings for the purpose of their investigations. If you will be attending scrutiny to give information to a committee, you can find information and guidance about what to expect in the Scrutiny Handbook which has the following subsections: 



If you would like to feed into the scrutiny process, you can get in touch with the scrutiny team on


Alternatively, you can contact any of the councillors who are on the relevant committee or Task and Finish group and ask them to consider representing you or calling you to give evidence. You can find out which local councillors to contact for any particular issue by checking the list of scrutiny topics


Certain committees allow public questions to be aired. If you would like to ask a question at a committee please contact the scrutiny team as above.



Essex County Council regularly holds public consultations on a variety of topics, and these can be found on our consultations page.


Please note public consultations are not always linked to scrutiny work.