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Public consultations

20 February 2019

Essex County Council engages in a number of public consultations. These can be for a specific reason, such as in the case of developing a new school or mineral extraction site, or to ascertain the feelings of the residents of Essex on a particular subject.

The council actively seeks participation from a wider audience, in order to ensure that consultations consider the full range of opinions, and ensure that the decisions we make are guided by a real appreciation of the views of the people of the county.

Occasionally, the council will consult the residents of the county by direct engagement, by post or through council publications. However, in order to ensure that the process is cost effective, most consultations take place remotely, through online portals residents can view and submit contributions to.

Each individual contribution to the consultation process is considered by the council.

Consultations in different areas take place in different ways for different areas. 

Consultations in Essex

If you want to give your views on any live public and statutory consultations carried out by the council Consultations in Essex and Essex Insight are our consultation platforms.
It is used by the council, to manage consultations on a range of subjects. The purpose of each consultation is described and contact details are given so that it is possible to take part.
We are in the process of decommissioning Essex Insight and this will cease on 31 March 2019. During this transition time please look both on Consultations in Essex and Essex Insight to share your views.

Planning Consultations

Essex County Council’s Planning Team regularly consults on aspects of Minerals and Waste planning policy. This process is managed through the Planning Consultation Portal. The portal enables people to see the consultation documents and respond to consultations online. It is also possible to submit responses to consultations via email and by post. See the Planning Consultations page for more information.
The Development Management Planning Team consults on Minerals and Waste planning applications, as well as land and properties owned by Essex County Council.  This process and information on applications can be viewed via The applications can be followed from submission to determination and enable people to respond directly online.  It is also possible to submit responses to consultations via email and by post.  See the Development Management page for more information.

Education Consultations

The School Organisation and Planning Service consults the public when they are considering opening a school, closing a school or amalgamating two or more schools. Details of new, ongoing and recently closed consultations are contained on our Consultations page in the Education and Schools area of the Essex County Council website.