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Essex County Council constitution

23 October 2018

The Council’s Constitution sets out the principles the Council follows to carry out its work.  These include how decisions are made, the rights of our citizens, information for officers and the roles and responsibilities of cabinet. Some parts of the constitution are required by law and other parts have been included as a matter of choice by the council.

Download the constitution

 The constitution is divided into five parts which set out the basic rules governing the council’s business.

Download the complete Essex County Council constitution

Constitution contents    

Part 1 is a summary and explanation. 
Part 2 explains the rights of citizens and how the key parts of the council operate. 
Part 3 is the responsibility for functions and includes the schemes of delegation to cabinet members and officers. 
Part 4 contains procedure Rules. 
Part 5 contains codes of conduct in respect of members and officers and the members allowance scheme.