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Essex Partners

6 December 2017

Collaborative working

Leaders from across public services in the county are improving the lives of Essex people and reducing the demand on public services, by transforming how we work together.

Senior leaders in Essex come together in a wide variety of groupings on different issues and at different geographic levels.  Partnership forums include Essex Leaders and Chief Executives meetings and also a wide range of partnerships that support more thematic work – such as the Essex Health and Wellbeing Board, the Safer Essex group, the Waste Partnership and Children’s Partnerships.

Working together, members of Essex Partners aim to deliver better quality and better value outcomes for the people of Essex than would be achievable if member organisations worked alone.

Essex Partners

The public service reform agenda in Essex is led by Essex Partners, which includes senior leaders from across a range of public sector bodies, universities and the voluntary and community sector. 

Essex Partners is responsible for leading the development and delivery of the new vision for Essex, The Future of Essex, and recognises the importance of shifting to a system leadership model, collaborating across organisational, cultural and other boundaries to deliver better outcomes for the people we serve.

Essex Partners is chaired by the Leader of Essex County Council, Cllr David Finch and meets quarterly.  

Essex Assembly

The Essex Assembly meets twice a year in March and September and brings together more than 100 leaders from across the public sector, universities, the voluntary and community sector and business to discuss how we can all work together to deliver our shared vision The Future of Essex

Essex Strategic Coordination Group

The Essex Strategic Coordination Group works to ensure alignment of key work streams across different partnership boards; it focuses on specific issues and drives key strategies supporting the Essex Partners and the Essex Health and Wellbeing Board. The ESCG is currently working on developing a new Essex Health and Wellbeing strategy.