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Our approach

9 August 2018

We assess where there is greatest inequality and need in Essex when we make decisions providing services. Each department regularly reviews the potential effect from a proposed activity before it starts, publishing its audit and outcomes in reports called an Equality Impact Assessment. This ensures fairness in our work.


We comply with The Equality Act 2010 and the Protected Characteristics set out in the legislation and associated guidance. We publish an equalities strategy to show how we will fulfil our Public Sector Equality Duty as a local authority. This means we have to:

  • review our equality objectives, at least every four years
  • provide information to show compliance with the equality duty, at least annually
We monitor all this using an impact assessment to measure the diversity and equality impact of our work. We ask each service area and partner we work with to fill these in.
We work with partners that promote equalities best practice at all levels. We also work with the Essex Cultural Diversity Project, which looks at specific projects to provide a focal point for the development, celebration and coordination of Essex's cultural diversity through arts and heritage activity.

To support these standards we provide:
  • a diversity and equality strategy which sets out how we will achieve better diversity and equality in our work
  • a diversity and equality policy which outlines the responsibility of officers and elected members.