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What diversity means for residents

8 May 2015

Equality and diversity means people should be able to live and work free of discrimination. This creates a more inclusive community that recognises people‚Äôs differences and welcomes the variety of experience this can bring.

We assess inequalities in Essex to check we're providing services and help to those most in need. We use impact assessments to make sure we're directing resources and services to areas where there is most need, without creating or making inequalities worse.

Public forums and groups are used to gather feedback from residents to make sure their opinions about equality are heard and respected. These groups are:


  • Options for Independent Living (transport)
  • Deaf/blind planning group
  • Hard of hearing group
  • Deaf Essex Access Forum
  • Visual impairment planning group
  • Physical impairment planning group
  • Older people planning group
  • Young Essex Assembly