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Transform the council to achieve more with less

12 February 2019

Limit cost and drive growth in revenue; Develop the capability, performance and engagement of our people; Re-imagine how residents’ needs can be met in a digital world

The Council continues to face a very challenging economic outlook and needs to maximise the value of every pound of taxpayers’ money. That means getting the most value out of its people, assets and technology. As an employer of 6,500 people, the Council needs to invest in and get the most value out of its workforce. Essex residents also expect public institutions to take advantage of digital transformation, responding to legitimate expectations of how they should be able to interact with organisations, accessing services when and where it suits on their preferred device. The Council needs to harness this opportunity, changing how we interact with residents and businesses in an internet age.

In the next year the Council will: 

  • Deliver £60m of new savings and efficiencies 

  • Work with districts to further reduce fraud in Council Tax and Business Rates, building on the £700,000 saved in 2018/19 

  • Commence the Property Asset Strategy to get better financial returns from development of the estate whilst also reducing running costs 

  • Deliver new continuous improvement projects that support cost savings and drive productivity improvements 

  • Focus on how we identify and further drive productivity from our workforce 

  • Complete the organisational redesign of the whole Council and complete the transition to ‘Essex Pay’ for all 

  • Deliver a range of new computing devices and WiFi to support mobile and flexible work styles and the ability to work anywhere 

  • Overhaul our approach to highways customer services