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Strategies and policies

24 April 2019

All business conducted at Essex County Council must be in accordance with the Code of Governance. This is not a single document but a complete set of rules and regulations which together explain the way that we do things and why.

An outline of the commitments made by Essex County Council to the people of Essex.

Essex Organisation Strategy

This sets out the strategic aims and priorities for the organisation for the period 2017-21. This is also available as an easy read guide.

Essex Organisation Plan 2019/20

This sets out our plans and budget for 2019/20 and you can also review our 2018/19 plan.

Annual Report 2017/18

The report shares our progress in delivering the aims within our 2017-21 Organisation Strategy.

Economic Plan for Essex

Find out more about the Economic Plan for the Essex.

Equality and diversity

Our commitment to equality, and information on Equality Impact Assessments.

Risk Management Strategy 2017 - 2021

The Risk Management Strategy explains how we determine organisational risk and take actions to mitigate it.

The Publication Scheme

This document provides details to a range of information which we have a statutory obligation to publish.

The Code of Governance

An overview of the code, which details the way in which Essex County Council works.

Children and Young People’s Plan

An overview of how Essex County Council and partners are planning to improve outcomes for children, young people and families.

Communications and marketing strategy 2018/19

This sets out our approach and commitment to communications and marketing team at Essex County Council for 2018-19.